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Smart Watch Display Security
Galaxy Gear is here

Smart Watches like the new Galaxy Gear are wrist worn, command centres that connect to our Smartphone allowing us to keep our smart device stowed.

Quick status updates such as texts, calls and Facebook newsfeeds are now wearable with the introduction of the Galaxy Gear Smart Watch and retail stores are merchandising this expensive time piece.

Listed at around $299.95 the chance of theft is very high. RTF offers a simple, aesthetically pleasing secure merchandising solution to present the wrist watch securely and in a way that won't dissuade customer interaction.

Part of the Vise line, Vise LC is a mechanical locking collar that secures aircraft cable in a security loop. Using 1.5mm or 2.5mm reinforced cable the Smart Watch can be worn providing ultimate comfort and feel.

Available in various finishes such as black, chrome and matte aluminum Vise LC takes a back seat to your display merchandise and is an attractive retail anti-theft solution that resembles a piece of jewellery.


Flexible and adjustable

Install in minutes Allows watch to be worn

Vise and SmartCircle work together to provide the best loss prevention solution and as the Galaxy Gear is Bluetooth tethered to a Note 3 or Galaxy S4 SmartCircle will alarm if the connection is lost.

For more information on Smart Watch security or other retail display security solutions visit RTF.


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